Western States DMR / CORA Coverage

The Western States DMR group is built and supported by Cactus members and provides coverage throughout the western region. CORA has a talk group ID that gives coverage from the desert to the sea which allows CORA members to communicate over a wide portion of the county. This TGID 8850 is exclusive to WSDMR and is not available on Brandmeister.

SiteFrequencyTGIDTime Slot / CC
Alpine447.9000 -5Mhz8850/PTT2 / 1
Chuckwalla447.9000 -5Mhz88502 / 1
El Cajon446.0625 -5Mhz88502 / 1
Laguna430.9625 +9Mhz88502 / 1
Otay448.1500 -5Mhz88502 / 1
Woodson446.0375 -5Mhz88502 / 2
WSDMR CORA Talk Group Information