CORA is an OPEN Repeater Association that is FREE to all Licensed Amateur Radio Operators

CORA boasts a footprint of repeaters that covers San Diego’s East County with linked repeaters in the UHF and VHF spectrum. CORA has been provided with a Talk Group on the Western States DMR system.

Here are the details for the CORA analog and P25 repeaters.

SiteRepeater RcvRepeater Xmit
Mt Woodson144.580 Pl 107.2145.180 Pl 107.2
Alpine441.420 Pl 107.2446.420 Pl 107.2
El Cajon444.900 Pl 123.0449.900 Pl 107.2
Mt Laguna144.520 Pl 107.2145.120 Pl 107.2
Mt Laguna444.580 107.2449.580 CSQ
Mt Miguel
Mixed Mode Analog/P25 Digital
Pl 107.2 / NAC 526
PL 107.2 / NAC 656

Activities and Net Schedule

Weekly Nets

San Diego Ham Forum Monday 7:30pst
PACT Net Tuesday 8:30pst
Borrego Net Thursday 7:00pst
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