CORA is an OPEN Repeater Association that is FREE to all Licensed Amateur Radio Operators

CORA boasts a footprint of repeaters that covers San Diego’s East County with linked repeaters in the UHF and VHF spectrum. CORA has been provided with a Talk Group on the Western States DMR system.

With the broad coverage and multiple repeaters linked together, there are numerous points where extraneous signals can make their way into the system. Some interference issues have been traced to folks using crossband repeaters, Allstar nodes and other experimental points of access. While experimentation is always encouraged with this hobby, we ask that all stations access the networked repeaters directly through the repeaters and the Echolink node that we have all worked so hard to fine tune for signals that are as clear as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Here are the details for the CORA analog and P25 repeaters.

Repeater LocationRepeater Transmit
(You Listen Here)
Repeater Receive
(You Transmit Here)
Mt Woodson145.180 PL 107.2144.580 PL 107.2
Alpine446.420 PL 107.2441.420 PL 107.2
El Cajon449.900 PL 107.2444.900 PL 107.2
Mt Laguna145.120 PL 107.2144.520 PL 107.2
Mt Laguna449.580 PL 107.2444.580 107.2
Mt Miguel
Analog/P25 Digital
PL 107.2
PL 107.2
All repeaters are linked together.
Allstar Link Node 54697 EchoLink Node AF6BY-R

CORA System Announcements

Update From Technical Committee

Cora Engineering Team asks that no cross-banding or hot-spots be used on the system unless there is an emergency in progress or you have approval from the engineering team.

County of SD webpage that displays the latest Sheriff calls can be found here:

Tech Tip: Both the UHF and VHF repeaters on Mt. Laguna are linked together full time and connected to the system.

Watch the San Diego Ham Forum Facebook page for the latest events. You can join and get technical help from some friendly people and get the latest information that you need.

Activities and Net Schedule

Weekly Nets

San Diego Ham Forum Monday 7:30pm
PACT Net Tuesday 8:30pm
Borrego RAMS Net Thursday 7:00pm
40M Net 7.204Mhz Friday Night 8pm
CalZona Net Sunday 6pm
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