System Status

There is a 2 ~ 3 second delay in keying time from Woodson to Laguna. Please key up and wait a few seconds before talking so the link can pick up, otherwise the first word of your transmission will be cut off.

Laguna Changes

Note: The VHF repeater on Laguna is now on a new frequency.

147.240 +600Khz with a PL of 107.2 is the new channel.

As well a new repeater controller has been added which offers better operations and more capacity.

NOTE: the UHF and VHF repeaters on Laguna are linked to the system full time. The UHF repeater is less susceptible to noise so that is usually a good choice.

Static “Popcorn Noise”

May 6 – We are aware of the noise on the Laguna VHF repeater. It seems to only impact the VHF side, the UHF repeater seems to not have the noise so using UHF is probably a better choice.

CORA DMR Talkgroup Woodson

The CORA DMR talkgroup on Woodson is down however we expect to have it back up and operational very soon, stand by for updates.