Here is a listing of the approximate locations and coverage areas of each CORA Repeater

This is approximate, your mileage may vary

Mt. Woodson

Mt Woodson is located prominently overlooking Poway. You’ve probably hiked it at some point and taken a picture on Potato Chip Rock. It covers the county very nicely up the Interstate 15 corridor north and south as well as East County and Escondido. It also covers west to the sea very nicely. Excellent Ramona coverage and all points east.


Alpine can be found up the Interstate 8 east of El Cajon. Alpine has some good altitude and covers the Harbison Canyon and South County crevasses that not many other repeaters can cover. Viejas and Sycuan Casino? Yep, we cover that!

El Cajon

This repeater covers El Cajon and Santee valley most completely. Handhelds with low power while you are around the valley floor.

Mt Laguna

Mt Laguna is located due east of the county and the coverage is meant to cover the desert as well as the mountain areas. Mt Laguna is accessed by Interstate 8 and Sunrise Highway. Great coverage when you are hiking Cuyamaca State Park or the trails in Cleveland National Park. This repeater is also amazing in the Anza Borrego desert well up the Interstate 8 due east to the dunes.

Mt. Miguel

Mt Miguel is that prominent mountain you see south of Spring Valley with all of the TV Transmitters and spikey antennas. Needless to say, the coverage is very nice all over the county south of the 78 freeway. Worth a try, you’ll be surprised. Use PL 107.2, the NAC is used for P25 users as the repeater is dual-mode. Mt. Miguel is stand alone, any conversations will not be repeated to the other locations.